Fitness Review: Balance Festival’s Third Urban Tri Training Camp

By 9.58am on Saturday 1st April, the Balance Festival Urban Tri training session was over.  From 30 minutes of frantic spinning at Boom Cycle, to an increasingly weary 5k run between Holborn to Tower Bridge finishing on an intense circuits HIIT class at Third Space – this morning scored high on the productivity/efficiency/needtostopandbreathe scale.

Kicking off the 3 consecutive activities at 8.15am, Boom Cycle founder Hilary jolted me out of my ‘I shouldn’t have eaten that big bowl of Weetabix chocolate bites before exercising’ state of mind with a beat-and-surge heavy spin session. With classics like Black Eyed Peas ‘Pump It’ and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ ‘Can’t Hold Us’, Hilary had the class jumping out of their saddles to the beat and feeling strong.

That feeling lasted approximately 8 minutes into the running section of the Urban Tri until my body recognised that I was moving my legs immediately after being on a bike, to which my pace considerably slowed. Luckily, I had enlisted my boyfriend along for the morning, and had someone to keep pace with me as we trotted down the Embankment towards Tower Bridge together. This also means that he has to get enlisted into featuring in my ‘looking down at gym shoes’ pictures, unluckily for him.


Reaching the Third Space gym just as the HIIT class section was starting was a shock to the system as we immediately found ourselves going from finishing a run to squatting with a barbell roughly 15 seconds later. The Urban Tri finale featured going around a circuit of upper-body heavy sets twice, with moves ranging from raised press-ups and renegade rows to skipping and box jumps. My shaky camera angles as I attempted to document the morning on Instagram Stories are testament to how I was feeling by this point.

For only £10, with all ticket profits going to Project Waterfall, this morning pushed my levels of endurance beyond a usual Saturday morning, or after-work spin session – all for a good cause. Whilst I can’t imagine running between gym studios regularly, it might be something to consider as a new challenge one day.

…one day. Maybe once I’ve had a quick seat in between.


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