Fitness: Women’s Health Run Club Launch

This has been a week where I momentarily put aside stressing about people not moving forward on tube carriages and quite like living in London.

With a number of consecutive Women’s Health events popping up across the city, I’ve spent most of my time frantically refreshing sign-up pages. I can’t quite handle trying to get Glastonbury tickets, but I’ll do just about anything to reserve a spot at a fitness class.

Tuesday 22nd November kicked off a 4 week series of special run/yoga sessions with the new Women’s Health Run Club, held from the extremely aesthetically-pleasing Covent Garden studio, Another Space.


Led by Rich from @hartpulsefitness, we ran just over 4k to St. James Park and back using the orange tops of the Women’s Health crew to show us the way. After ambling my way on tired legs down the stairs post-run, we entered the serene Yoga Studio for half an hour of dedicated runner stretches on Lululemon mats with Another Spaces lead Yoga Trainer Chris.


What left me on the highest post-run buzz was the fact that all of the runners talked to each other. It’s the small things. Conversations sparked up from the changing rooms and lasted at least another half hour after the yoga had ended. From spending my time attending classes all on my lonesome, I loved getting to know new faces, swapping stories about favourite classes, and acknowledging a shared addiction when choosing exercise over after-work drinks. No regrets.


Week 2: Tuesday 29th November 


Week 3: Tuesday 6th December


Week 4: Tuesday 13th December



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