A Minimalism Attempt: Part Two

I’m going to go on a shopping ban. For…one month? Until Christmas?  Let’s see.

Considering that I now work in Leicester Square, this means that I need to find another way to have a wee walk at lunchtimes. No more strolling along Covent Garden, eyeing up more white tops that I don’t need from Cos, or stretching my legs by walking to and from Boots.

The idea of a shopping ban feels like the necessary push I need to break this general feeling of dissatisfaction that I have with my wardrobe and how I’m presenting myself in general. I’m finding that I can’t stop staring at what people are wearing on the tube in the morning, and then feeling unhappy with how I’m dressed for the rest of the day. I’ll then base my lunchtimes around searching for a specific item that I’ve seen on someone else online, buying it, and feeling guilty at spending more money when I’ve got suitcases and bags overflowing and waiting to be unpacked in my new flat.


From 23rd September (pay-day) I will only try to spend money on:

  • Food (and aim to bring in more packed lunches)
  • Oyster card
  • House things (but only essentials for the new flat – bedding, cleaning up things etc. – not candles. I do not need any more candles.)
  • Exercise classes (£55/month)

I will not spend money on:

  • Make-up (No more splurges on lip products, eye products, skin products… I have just purchased MAC Twig – and now the feeling of guilt is strong.)
  • Toiletries – (I have plenty of purple shampoo  and nice hotel samples to use up, cleansers waiting to be used, and face masks that haven’t been opened yet. Shower gel seems to go down real quickly though – that may need to be replaced).
  • Shoes – (I am completely sorted for sandals. And trainers (although the Gazelles have been calling for a few months. I do not need them.)
  • Bags
  • Exercise clothes (This will be the hardest of all. The recent order of a pair of Sweaty Betty leggings in their online sale has spurred on this shopping ban urge.)
  • Jackets – this may become a bit of a struggle as I currently only have light coats down in London with me. I can’t wait for the day hopefully in the near future that my family can come down and visit my new flat and reunite me with all my warm things – my trusty camel coat, knitwear, Zara scarfs, and boots. Then I can try to work at thinning all of this down too. Must find a place in London that will sell my things for me.

Potential challenges:

  • Exposure to shops: My weekly fitness classes expose me to rails of fancy activewear that I don’t need, and my work location pits me in the centre of shopping frenzy everyday.
  • Keeping up with the rest of London: I need to pair down my daily decisions for office outfits and remember that my new colleagues have only seen my clothes for just over a month. I don’t need to keep buying new items to create fresh combinations.
  • Eating Out: Currently the main event that my weekends evolve around. Now that there is a new flat, there is a new space to attempt to get over my fear of using the oven.
  • Hesitation to wear make-up: I’ve become increasingly more conscious about trying to avoid moments when my skin decides to freak out, which means starting to avoid wearing more make-up than concealer and mascara.  At the moment, that means no powder foundation, no tinted moisturiser, no colour on the cheeks, no eyeshadow…This is great in theory if I’m having a good skin day – but I have the feeling that if I spend a little more time switching up my make-up, I can start minimising the obsession that I have with clothes to set up how I feel for the day. All of this should give me a better chance at actually using up all of the make-up and skincare that I have amassed over years of watching Youtube and reading beauty blogs.
  • Halloween: I don’t have all of my things down in London with me at the moment, and have no idea of what to pull together if I need to dress up for Halloween. This may be the year of an eyeliner cat face.
  • Buying mochas: This is becoming an increasingly frequent new expense, although I try to only buy a cup when I really need a boost from the subsidised office cafe. Weekends are still a mocha free for all in Shoreditch cafes though.

Shopping ban. 

I’ve written it down now – so I’ve got to try. Wish me luck.






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