Granite City Dogs

Growing up in Aberdeen, walking the family’s first pair of Miniature Schnauzers was my first big responsibility (apart from feeding a fish called Sophie). Armed with my trusty Nokia phone (the one that looked a little bit Art Deco with some red, black and silver squiggles), I would blare out the radio from its speakers as I waddled around the BMX park in Cults.

2016-03-08 14.39.49-1

Fast forward ten or so years, I’m currently doggy-sitting back in the Granite City with our second pair of schnauzers. Whether it’s down to the fact that I’m now older and have several years of customer-facing experience under my belt compared to my younger years, I seem to have become an avid ‘Greeter-and-conversation-starter’ on a dog walk.

2016-03-08 14.59.12-1

If I see someone with a dog approaching, they will be met with a smile or a general ‘I see you and I bid you good day’ nod. This is how adults walk the dogs. In addition, I love it when I can have a good conversation of three or so sentences with a fellow dog-walker (especially when they tell me that the dogs have good beards. This I know).  Today, I even managed to shout across to a woman who I had met with a type of wolfhound/direwolf dog referring to an earlier interaction. We’re practically best friends now. Dog-walkers unite.

2016-03-08 14.38.56

2016-03-09 11.23.45




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