Fitness: Surprise event with Ellie Goulding and Nike Training Club


Date: 3/3/15

Location: Tobacco Dock, London

After travelling to Newcastle and Edinburgh in the past specifically to see Ellie Goulding perform live, the chance to see a beautifully executed set for free in London would have been the perfect night in itself- let alone all of the workouty-goodness that followed.

The Email

An image flashing up online of a new workout from Ellie Goulding and Nike guaranteed an immediate download of her N + TC programme. With 5 days of sessions to get ‘race ready’ set up through an app, ranging from a 3 mile run to Vinyasa yoga, it’s spontaneous downloads of apps like these that help catapult my iphone 4s into the modern age.

With a surprise email declaring the opportunity to attend an evening with Ellie and the Nike team sitting in my inbox exactly one week after the app download, a day followed of braving the tube during a struggle in my lunch hour to retrieve workout clothes, and desperately seeking travel directions from my slightly bewildered colleagues. This was going to be a big day.

The First Challenge- Finding the location


Whilst I have now been in London for one whole month, (practically a well-seasoned local one might say), finding the ‘iconic’ warehouse venue near Shadwell began as a struggle after I had tackled taking my first DLR train. This was quickly remedied as I braved approaching two girls dressed in leggings and bright trainers to ask whether they were heading to see Ellie. My detective work was correct, as they confirmed their direction and all three of us ventured further to turn the next corner to find a long queue of hundreds of girls dressed in bright workout gear. Challenge number one, complete.

The ensuing excitement, coupled with seeing the impressive open-roofed venue and being met with hundreds of rows of exercise mats proclaiming ‘Just Do It’, in turn led to signing up for the Nike Women’s 10k in London in June. The phrase ‘50% off the sign up fee tonight’ declared by Nike’s people may have helped to seal the deal at the time…

Even from this point at the start of the night, what struck me about the event was the friendly and approachable attitude of the girls who were attending. From arriving alone, I was soon laughing with a lovely group of girls who took me in and shared the grimaces of scissor kicks and push ups. By the end of the night, I’d even found a potential crew to run the 10k with and have since taken part in two more N + TC events following Ellie’s app launch night. Learning new moves in a group, free workouts, socialising and seeing new parts of London- I think that N + TC may just have to make up part of my routine in future…

The miniature gig

10308255_10155287019900154_2556265644676049006_n Love Me Like You Do:

The N + TC Tighten and Tone Workout


After watching an endearing and stripped back live performance where Ellie hit every high note with ease, the DJ Fresh and Ellie single ‘Flashlight’ began blaring over the speakers as around 400 odd girls began frantically running on the spot. These sets of varied exercises continued for short bursts until the blessed relief when a countdown announced moving onto the next move. For a 15 minute workout led by Ellie’s trainer Faisel, I’m still surprised at how that length of time could feel just as demanding as an hour of my beloved Body Attack class. It just goes to show what repetitions of burpies, side planks, mountain climbers and pike push ups can do. Burpies. Why, Ellie. Why.

10426202_10155313553425154_3501120361127017611_n 63774_10155313554120154_6874525672599387524_n

With Nike’s personal trainers roaming the floor enviably not breaking a sweat and maintaining a smile, the whole room battled our way through. The highlight of the evening (aside from Ellie treating the crowd to beautiful acoustic versions of songs including ‘Goodness Gracious’ and ‘Burn’), was to look up at the stage and see Ellie maintaining a controlled expression as she perfectly executed each move. This composure, coupled with all the enthusiasm and motivation bouncing off the walls, was infectious. With the workout complete, we were all treated to healthy food featuring salmon and prosecco. Prosecco, after exercising. It’s safe to say that after all these factors, I was on a little bit of an endorphin high on the journey home, with thoughts of the impending 10k a pleasantly distant goal at that point. The real work starts now…it looks like it’s back to the N + TC app for me to get ‘Race Ready’.

Lessons Learned

  • Search for people wearing leggings and trainings if you’re ever lost
  • Check your email regularly if you’re signed up to the Nike Training Club app. You never know how you might be spending your next Tuesday night.



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