Interview: Radkey


Date: 11/4/14

Three brothers hailing from Missouri with their energetic mix of garage punk and rock music are fresh from completing their first UK headline tour.

Touring with his two siblings, 18 year-old Isaiah takes a laid-back approach as they share their spirited shows across Europe.

“It’s actually really easy playing with your brothers. You think it would be tough but we get along really well.”

Following in the footsteps of 20-year-old vocalist Dee, Isaiah and 16-year-old drummer Solomon started learning to play instruments four years ago.

“Sol and I had never really been that interested in being musicians in the beginning,” said Isaiah.

“One fall we decided to try, and then we just kind of worked up to being as good as Dee so we could start a band.”

With their father as their manager, Radkey is a family project that makes “touring a breeze.”

“It makes everything a lot easier, since we all know each other pretty much as well as we could know anyone.”

The trio listened to “all kinds of stuff” growing up, with The Beatles, Nirvana, The Doors and Led Zeppelin all working to influence their robust performances.

Their animated sets have proved to whip every crowd they’ve faced up into a frenzy, with a moment on Jools Holland surprising the host himself when the boys decided to keep on rocking after their performance of ‘Out Here in My Head’ had ended.

With their debut EPs ‘Cat and Mouse’ and ‘Devil Fruit’ causing a stir, their recent European circuit signifies Radkey’s first debut UK headline tour, as they pick up from where their last round of shows with the English grunge duo Drenge left off.

The fast-pace of their shows and their youthful spirit makes any Radkey performance a translation of American music that takes the “melodic-ness of UK Punk” to execute a bracing live act.


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