Gig Review: Patrick Wolf at Glasgow’s Oran Mor

Date: 23rd October 2011

Listening to Patrick Wolf can leave you either dreamily optimistic, or feeling like some contemplative moping. One song might seem slightly disturbing with dark and haunting lyrics weaved between classical melodies. However, another can leave you smiling and ready to dance with catchy pop and techno hooks.

As a character, Wolf just seems like he’s from another world entirely. Undefined by strict labels, he seemed to make every member of the audience fall in love with him when he appeared on stage at the Oran Mor.

After spending years obsessing and ‘artily’ quoting Patrick Wolf song lyrics in my MSN usernames, seeing him in the flesh was an experience. For those present, I was the girl clutching my flatmate’s hand and getting angry whenever the lights dimmed and a roadie and not Wolf came on stage during the hour and a half wait after doors opened.

Wolf stood over the small venue at 6ft 4ins, leaving the audience to look up in awe at his multiple outfit changes and intense expressions. Even some awkward periods of prolonged eye contact were exchanged, due to the intimacy of the gig. The sound quality was encompassing, as he sang out powerfully against the manic strings and drums in the background with a set ranging from loved back-catalogue tracks to fresh and newer songs.

Wolf began ‘Bluebells’ reciting lyrics whilst playing a harp, creating a breath-taking performance of the song when the drums finally kicked in, complete with sound effects of shooting stars.

The cheerful performance of his latest release ‘The City’ had the audience happily dancing around, building up to ending on the bright ‘Magic Position’. Wolf interacted with the crowd and confessed to debuting some songs at the gig especially for ‘his first boyfriend, his first girlfriend, and his first love, Glasgow’. He might say that at every gig, but the audience believed it. He just looked so lovely.


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