Gig Review: Bombay Bicycle Club at the Glasgow Barrowlands

Date: 2nd September 2011

Bombay Bicycle Club. They look deceptively well mannered, but they easily turned a room of people who were posing whilst cradling pints of lager into a crowd of folks dancing furiously.

Looking around, you can tell that everyone at the Glasgow Barrowlands felt really cool whenever a song changed from a happy little melody to suddenly some thrashing about with guitars against a backdrop of strobe lights.

Opening with ‘Shuffle’ (jaunty), Bombay’s new album ‘A Different Kind of Fix’ captures the same energy and catchiness of their debut album, with some songs from the dreamy acoustic album ‘Flaws’ included to showcase Jack Steadman’s lovely voice.

Now onto their third release, fresh from dominating Reading and Leed’s fests and becoming Radio 1’s latest favouritest band ever, Bombay Bicycle Club are big. Back in 2009, the debut video for ‘Always like this’ was kicking about NME TV, and became the soundtrack of my little emotional teenage life. The song is also guaranteed to make you do that nice swaying-with-head-held-down-and-some-swinging-of-the-arms-and-occasional pointing dance that boys do when they dance at gigs. Recent single, ‘Lights out, words gone’ will likely make you do the same dance. Just listen to that funky bass line.

For the encore after an energetic set, a piano was wheeled out, and Jack sang ‘Still’ from the new album most beautifully.

The whole crowd shushed each other before he started to sing, with one boy instructing everyone around him to ‘Shut the f*#$ up and listen’. And we listened.And then danced some more with the finale of ‘What If’. This was no gig for standing still.

Despite the intense heat radiating about the Barrow lands itself, the band easily entered their audience into the sweaty gig spirit of casually swaying about and shouting out an occasional ‘Woo’ mid song. I couldn’t help myself.

Bombay Bicycle Club themselves have perfected the formula of commanding melodies that make people dance and bop, mixed up with lovely vocals that lend power to their acoustic tracks. It was real nice to be able to dance freely at a gig. I’m still tapping my feet.


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